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Towards a good life in the 2020s

Enhancing citizenship and social cohesion through media literacy

Media literacy and media education as the pedagogical interaction promoting media literacy have been on the agenda in EU policies for more than a decade. Digitalisation of work, services, and culture and the pervasiveness of mobile technologies have made media competencies more important than ever.

The rise of online propaganda and disinformation have underlined the importance of critical media literacy for e.g. stable democracies and fighting climate change. How can Europe make the best out of mediatized culture and provide citizens with creative and critical competencies?

Media Literacy Conference for Professionals

This conference is for all experts and professionals in different fields of society interested in media literacy and media education. The event promotes dialogue, collaboration and networking between EU member states representatives and other relevant stakeholders, including civil society, industry and academia. The event is organised as part of the AV policy conference: ‘Creation, innovation and promotion - Competitiveness of European audiovisual industry’.


The foremost experts and policy makers on media education and media literacy will be presenting at the conference.

  • Niels Brüggen

    JFF - Institute for Media Research and Media Education

  • David Buckingham

    Loughborough University &
    Kings College London

  • Alessandra Falconi

    Centro Zaffiria - Centro Alberto Manzi

  • Nicoleta Fotiade

    Mediawise Society

  • Kristiina Kaihari

    Finnish National Agency for Education

  • Paul Mihailidis

    Emerson College

  • Päivi Rasi

    University of Lapland & Society on Media Education

  • Saara Salomaa

    Finnish National Audiovisual Institute

  • Guna Spurava

    University of Latvia

  • Robert Tomljenović

    Agency for Electronic Media of the Republic of Croatia


September 9th, 19:00-21:00,

Study visit

September 10th, 9:30-11:00, National Audiovisual Institute.


September 10th, 14:00-17:00, Kino Regina Theater in Oodi.

Saara Salomaa

Why Media Education?

Opening words from the Finnish National Audiovisual Institute.

About Saara Salomaa

Salomaa is the Acting Head for the Department for Media Education and Audiovisual Media at the National Audiovisual Institute in Finland.

Audrius Perkauskas

EU and Media Literacy

Audrius Perkauskas will present what the European Commission doing to promote of Media Literacy.

About Audrius Perkauskas

Audrius Perkauskas is the Deputy Head of Unit at EU Commission, DG for Communication Networks, Content and Technology - CONNECT

David Buckingham

Media literacy policy in Europe: Where are we going and how can we get there?

A keynote by David Buckingham will examine the emergence of media education and media literacy as established disciplines and policy priorities in Europe.

About David Buckingham

David Buckingham is a scholar, writer and consultant specializing in young people, media and education. He is an Emeritus Professor at Loughborough University, and a Visiting Professor at Kings College London.

Päivi Rasi

Comment on the Keynote

Päivi Rasi from the University of Lapland will comment on the keynote speech.

About Päivi Rasi

Päivi Rasi an Associate Professor of Education, especially collaborative learning and learning environments, at the University of Lapland, Finland.

Various experts

Media Educational Competences in the 2020s

In the panel discussion European experts will reflect on the future competences relating to media education in different sectors.


  • Kristiina Kaihari, National Agency for Education, Finland
  • Guna Spurava, University of Latvia, Latvia
  • Niels Brüggen, JFF - Institute for Media Research and Media Education, Germany
  • Alessandra Falconi, Centro Zaffiria / Centro Alberto Manzi, Italy

Korvapuusti (Finnish cinnamon bun). Picture by: Neurovelho (Wikimedia Commons)


Coffee Break

Refreshments will be served right outside of the Kino Regina Theater.

Various Experts

Futures of Media Literacy in Europe

”What is the best scenario for media literacy in the future Europe?” In this session the futures of media literacy in Europe will be discussed based on video presentations by international media literacy experts. Audience have the opportunity to participate in the discussion via digital interactive tools. Future views and discussions will be reflected by experts from member states.

Video presentations by:

  • Paul Mihailidis, Emerson College
  • Nicoleta Fotiade, Mediawise Society

Comments from member states:

  • Robert Tomljenović, Agency for Electronic Media of the Republic of Croatia, Croatia
  • Saara Salomaa, National Audiovisual Institute, Finland


Concluding remarks, Ministry of Education and Culture

Ministry of Education and Culture

The Ministry of Education and Culture is responsible for the development of education, science, cultural, sport and youth policies. The administrative branch of the Ministry of Education and Culture comprises 13 agencies, including Finnish National Agency for Education, Academy of Finland and Arts Promotion Centre Finland.

Promoting Media and Information Literacy in Finland

In Finland, media and information literacy is seen as civic competence; important to every citizen from an early age. The term media education (mediakasvatus in Finnish) refers to the educational actions promoting media literacy and the skills related to it.

Take a look at how Finnish media education is promoted through national policies and in various organizations and projects.

Get a taste of a few shining examples based on joint national efforts, and see a brief history of how Finland has developed into a forerunner in media education.

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Oodi Helsinki Central Library

Oodi is Helsinki’s brand new Central Library and a living meeting place. Its wide range of services and facilities will be available to residents seven days a week, from early in the morning till late in the evening. Oodi functions as a living room for residents, located right at the heart of Helsinki.

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200 participants from over 20 countries will be attending the conference.
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