Niels Brüggen

Head of Research Department

Dr. Niels Brüggen heads the research department at the JFF - Institute for Media Research and Media Education. Study of Communication and Media Studies, Computer Science and Educational Science at the University of Leipzig and Dublin City University. Doctorate in Media Education at the University of Leipzig. His work focuses on how adolescents appropriate media, what opportunities they offer for their daily lives and where they need support to overcome challenges. In particular, he works on the field of youth work and its digital change. Among other things, he was an expert in the expert group of the EU Commission "Digitalisation and Youth(work)" and was involved in the development of the report "Developing digital youth work". Furthermore, he was involved in the further development of the Dagstuhl Triangle on "Education in the Digital Networked World" and introduced the perspective of extracurricular youth education there.

In addition, he has dealt, among other things, with a media pedagogical perspective on Big Data, with data protection from the point of view of adolescents, and with the question of what possibilities adolescents have for actively (co)shaping today's digital media worlds.

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